The Bayeux Tapestry - a play in three acts

The talk starts by placing the events of the Tapestry in their historic and geographic

contexts before taking an in depth look at the Tapestry itself. (October).

The Queens of Henry VIII

The talk looks at the lives of the six women who occupied the position and reveals why the talk isn't entitled 'The Wives of Henry VIII" ?

The Life of Elizabeth I

The talk takes a quick look at the main events of this remarkable woman who, by the time she came to the throne at  the age of twenty five had been; conceived out of wedlock, born heir to the throne, declared illegitimate, seen her mother executed for treason, been accused of impropriety with her step mother's husband and imprisoned in the Tower accused of treason by her sister.

The Magna Carta

The talk looks at the long term history and more immediate circumstances that led to the creation of the document which whilst intended to preserve the peace was infact a licence for civil war. (June).

Henry V- All You need to know about Agincourt

The talk examines how Henry V came to find himself in the field against the army of Charles VI and looks at how the vastly outnumbered English won or more accurately how the French lost what is one of the most famous battles in the english consciousness. (October).

St George

The talk looks at the whole concept of patron saints before concentrating on St George himself. (April).

The History of Hatfield House

whilst designed to stand alone the talk was conceived to act as a companion to those who have visited or who plan      to visit Hatfield House. It places the House in its Historic context through some of the people who have been  involved with it over the last 1,000 years.

The Gunpowder Plot

We all remember the rhyme but how much do you actually know? (November).

Gary had a degree in Historical Geography from the University of London  and has worked  as an Historical Interpreter at many of the country's leading historic sites including The tower of London and Hampton Court. He also runs Living History Hatfield a company that takes historic characters into schools.

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Below is a brief synopsis of each talk.

For those wishing to add an additional relevance when booking  a month in brackets indicates, where appropriate, when abouts in the year the main event in the talk took place.

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